Make a reservation, order tickets for special events and buy gift certificates

If you’re a repeat guest and familiar with our policies and process, make your Reservation now.   

Be aware that if you book outside approved policies, your reservation will not be confirmed and you will be charged a 6% cancellation fee of the full non-member rate.

Reservation Guide

All Reservation Requests are made via the Inn’s online reservation site. Our “off-the-shelf” reservation site is not perfect, so please read our Reservations Guide and review our Policies thoroughly. Then you can view the Availability Chart. Here are Frequently Asked Questions.

Gift Certificates

You may purchase Gift Certificates for overnights at the Inn.

Your gift certificate will be e-mailed to the address you specify.

Special Events

The West Point Inn has numerous member hosted special events throughout the year. To purchase tickets or reserve a room for overnight stays, you must contact the host directly.